Voip Call Charges Calculator WP Plugin New!

Front-end call rate look up plugin for your Wordpress site!

A simple, easy to use Wordpress plugin that allows your customers to check out your call rates. This rate look up calculator looks clean and modern on a website and displays perfectly on a mobile browser. Easy import and export your entire list of call charges and even add, delete or edit charges directly in the plugin.

View a working demo here or another one here

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It just works!

"The plugin loads all your charges directly into the browser so it's super fast!"

This plugin has been built keeping in mind quality for the front end user, the plugin is fast and just looks beautiful!

The Plugin even gives users the ability to search not just by country but also by country code or ISO2 makes it work just perfect for any type of user that might want to check the call charges!

- 100% responsive!

Only 29

Easy Admin panel!

"The ability to import & export to a CSV file gives you 100% control of your data!"

- Configure your plugin to suit your needs with the choice of € (Euro), $ (Dollar) or £ (Pounds).

- Decide if prices are shown with or without VAT

- Delete, Add & Edit charges directly inside the Plugin Admin Panel

- 100% translatable ready!

- Comes with 239 countries to choose from with appropiate flags to save you the hassle!

Only 29

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Have a question?

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions related to the plugin!

Let's recap!

  • Super fast & beautiful!
  • Choose currency symbol! (€, $, or £)
  • Change "from" price!
  • Search by country name, code or ISO2!
  • Comes with Short-code & Widget!
  • Import & export your data quickly!
  • Comes with 239 countries with appropiate flags!
  • Choose to include VAT or not!
  • 100% translatable ready!
  • 100% responsive mobile friendly!
  • Tested on the latests version of Wordpress

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The plugin will arrive instantly after the payment has been completed!

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Download the Lite version HERE or from Wordpress.org or try the Pro version demo working here