How to choose the right domain name

Finding the right domain name can be a very frustrating in today’s market, with over 20 years of domain registration and everyday increasing registrations, it’s really remarkable that they still haven’t all been bought especially with many people buying them just to re-sell to you for x10 the price on auctions sites like, although if you put in enough time searching, I can guarantee you will find something you will be very happy with, maybe not the perfect one, but very close to, and it will only cost you around €10 / year!

TLD: Top-level domain (.com / .net / .es, etc..)
gTLD: Generic Top-level domain (.design / .hotel, etc..)

Which TLD should I choose?

We all still know the famous .com TLD still holds the throne, although with the new ever increasing gTLD market, the .com has some real competition! - The new gTLDs like .design, .hotel, .social, etc... Allows for the people to be more creative and it gives us many more options to choose from, although some of these can be pretty pricey and some have conditions that must be checked before you can buy one, one such example is the .hotel gTLD, which requires you to have an actual hotel, make sense right?

If you aren’t a fan of the new gTLDs there is always .net or a country based TLD like .be (Belgium), .es (Spain) or (United Kingdom)

What is a good domain name?

A good domain name can really depend on your needs, although some are quite obvious such as, or which are 1 or 2 worded self-explantory domains and are obviously best choice if you can find them, but that isnt always the case.

Next on the quality list we have branded names without real meaning like (Which is a play-around of the word “Googol”, meaning an inmensly large number wikipedia), or, they are easy to remember and people will always find you on search engines as noone will have really used it on the web.

You should always refrain if you can from using special characters like the “-” if you can, and if you can’t find the right domain name with the .com, try getting a .net or a country based one instead, sometimes it might just be the best option to take.

As for the amount of characters, I always try to focus on names below 8 characters as they are easy to remember and type I believe, I’m not really a fan of long domain names and would rather go for brandable stuff, but then again, that’s just me!

Where does my money go when I pay for a domain?

Many people wonder where their money goes when they pay for the domain, this money does not go to the hosting company or neither your website developer / maintainer, sure, they put a small transaction fee on top, but most of the money goes directly to the country of origin, for example if you was to buy a .be domain, then the money would go to Belgium, the same for .de to Germany, and so forth. Usually you would pay no more than 20€ a year for one of these domains.

What about the new gTLDs?

The money you pay for a new gTLDs like .design or .hotel goes to the respective contract owners, the prices usually range from €20 upwards, some cost €100+ a year and are bound by specific rules which not all people have access to.

Can I register a gTLDs like for example .supercool?

Yes, the gTLDs have been open for registration since November 2015, and thousands have been filed since then, they can take a year or more to get accepted and the investment you have to make is extremely large, if you don’t own a private yet, don’t even bother looking into it!

Need any help finding a domain?

If you need any help finding the right domain name, we would love to help, with our experience and knowledge you can rest assured we will find you the best domain purchasing options possible according to your budget.

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