Identifying bad SEO practice

Many people come to with their website asking me why it does not show up on any search engines, and even sometimes when the website does show up, the site just never seems to get much organic traffic, it is quite easy to identify some of the reasons as to why this might be happening, and you don’t have to be a tech geek to do so! - Let me show you a few tricks to see if you website has at least the standard SEO to be indexed by search engines.

URL structure:

We will only cover the part of the url after the domain, if you want to read up more about domains, I suggest you check out this article. The link is a really important part of the SEO to take into consideration, let’s try break down a contact page’s URL structure and define what would be a bad way and what would be a good way of structuring a URL.





It may seem obvious that a good link structure should be more readable but this has never had such a great importance since search engines really started to take off around a decade ago, making this one of the most important steps of building a SEO optimized website.


You all have probably heard about the famous hidden meta titles and descriptions, these are the titles and descriptions that display on search engines when you make a search so obviously these are extremely important, the length of the sentence is very important due to the recommended minimum and maximum characters.

Each page should contain these metas and each page should be optimized taking into consideration the content that is on that page making sure you are able to identify exactly what the page is about before you click through to your website from the search engines.

Most importantly

Index/follow / robots.txt:

If your website doesn’t show up on search engines, you should check to see if your website has a robots.txt, you can find this easy by navigating to your website, removing everything after your domain and placing “/robots.txt”, if a page comes up you have one, if it doesn’t you should consider adding one, this file tells search engines what to crawl and what not to crawl when they visit your website, below is how it should look if you want all search engines to index your website:

User-agent: *

If you do NOT want search engines to index your website, the robots.txt should contain something like:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Need any help?

There are many factors that make up a good SEO but this at least lets you identify if you have the bare minimum required for google to at least notice you, for you to gain rankings higher than your competition you have to do much more then just have the bare minimum, so why not come and talk to an expert and we will give you the best advice possible.