Micro website cost breakdown for the year 2016

Micro, small or medium sized websites are mostly differentiated by the amount of pages the website requires as this usually reflects the total complexity of the project.

Our definition of the “micro website” is a website not containing any type of content management system (CMS) and is usually no more then 5 pages, a micro website would include pages like: Homepage, about us, services, contact. If you require a CMS or your total type pages is more then 5, please read this article

As a micro website does not contain a way for the administrator to go directly in and edit they're website as there is no CMS (unless requested), taking a yearly maintenance plan with your website in this case, is very recommended, as this will ensure you can make frequent updates and changes by simply sending the change requests in an email to me once a month.

If you are looking for an e-commerce website, or require a CMS, or the website contains more then 5 pages, then you would most definitively be looking at a small website, although if you sell less then 3 products and have no other services, this could be considered also as a micro website, if you aren't to sure, get in touch with us and we will give you a exact quote tailored to your needs.

We assume the following In a micro website cost estimate:

  • Based on our hourly rate.
  • Includes planning, design, programming setup and launch.
  • Totally tablet/mobile responsive
  • The client will provide all text content and images.

So, the question remains, how much could a Micro website cost me?

Micro website cost breakdown:

  • Domain Name - 11€ / year approximately
  • Hosting - 49.95€ upwards / year
  • Web Planning, Design and Development Time - 20 hours and up
  • On-going Website Maintenance - 200€ / year and up

Usually a micro website's total cost would be around 300€ - 600€ depending on the exact amount of pages and other important features you might want to add.

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