Website maintenance - a must have package

Great, you have a website up and running, now you need someone to look after it, make sure it doesn't go down, make regular backups of files and database, make edits and updates of existing content and much more which I will list just a bit further on.

If your website is constantly changing or having new information updated to it, it can get very time consuming to do all of this whilst running your business at the same time, and at vnbenny, we really believe professionals with experience should look after a website instead of a business owner, who has only in the last few years started discovering the online world.

At Vnbenny, we have our own content management system (CMS) which we use instead of Wordpress, Wordpress is great if you have no good idea where to start and are willing to put time and effort into developing your website idea on the go, although depending on luck and knowledge this could turn out to be a very bad experience.

Back to the web maintenance, we have prepared a few good standard packages, which are all are customizable, so you only pay for what you really need!

First of all you would need to detect the type of website you have, and see if it lands in the micro, small or medium sized websites.

The Micro web Maintenance plan

The micro maintenance plan is focused at websites that land in the micro category, this means it targets websites without a database, CMS, user logins and doesn't consist of more then 5 type pages.

  • Backup of files every 2 days We backup your entire website with all its images and media included every 2 days, after 10 days these get deleted, and once a month we backup 1 copy to a secure cloud storage.
  • Webmaster tools management 1/mo We will manage your Google crawls, submit sitemaps, analyze and fix errors, report keyword performance, manage users, track backlinks and send you information in the monthly report if you have it active.
  • Error analyzing, clearing and fixing 1/mo From time to time, users input certain stuff they shouldn't or a bug created a error due to something unexpected, this must be analyzed and fixed as soon as possible to prevent bad user experience. We also clear the logs after to make space, as these logs can build up and bring down you site unexpectedly
  • Updates & changes to existing content We will manage your updates and changes to your existing website up to 1 request a month with up to 30 small changes or 6 medium changes or 1 large change for each request, change sizes can be mixed, if changes are to many they will be attended the following month, if a few changes are urgent and should have priority, state them and we will do them first.
  • Google analytics management 1/mo User management, placing filters, handling events, creating reports. Unless requested something specific, I will go over everything once a month.
  • Continues partner consultations micro You can email or call me anytime during office hours for any type of query you might have, I will always do my best to help you as best as I possibly can, phone calls should not take more then 5 minutes, if you think it will then write an email to better explain yourself in detail.
  • Server management Managing domains, dns, emails, FTP accounts, adding additional services, setting up SSL, dedicated ip, transfers, etc... Just ask and I will respond, we also check & clear server logs on a monthly basis.

The Small Maintenance plan

If you website is above 5 type pages, it usually lands in the small category, and for these websites we also have a special package tailored to your needs, it includes all of the micro web maintenance plan, although as small websites usually run on a CMS, there are a few new additional services that must be applied to ensure smooth website operating and being on top of attacks and spammers.

  • Login analyzing, detect attacks and protect We will analyze all logins of your website, run them through algorithms that will detect and expose attempts of hacking or account stealing. Blocking in the process they're IP's if necessary.
  • Keeping the CMS updated with new fixes and features
  • Monthly maintenance report including new CMS features & fixes All changes, analytic reports, performance, insights, keyword and suggestions in 1 single email report of your website