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Experienced as a freelance programmer & website developer for over 9 years now, originally from Belgium and now living in Murcia, Spain. I speak and write English, Dutch & Spanish fluently

I started designing websites as a hobby back in 2006 using just plain language like Html & Javascript, I enjoyed the creativity of coding my own websites from scratch. I continued to create small websites for friends & small businesses locally, like this I could help others whilst slowly increasing my knowledge in programming and web development.

Getting real with it all

In May 2012, I quit my daytime job and decided to dedicate all my time into becoming a freelance web developer, I have created countless websites since then including; MusicBrick.com, GlasgowFruitMarket.co.uk, EriksMetalWork.com, the website you are currently viewing, & many others which you can find in the portfolio section.

All of the websites that I work on get my 100% attention and devotion to ensure that I get everything "Just right". There is no project too big or too small. Personally, I prefer big projects, but I would love to help out on smaller projects, bugs, and quick fixes as well.

Currently I am working on my own custom CMS holds many cool features and allows you to upgrade your website instantly through a shop interface integrated into the CMS admin section.

My most interesting skills

Just me and Php

Passionate web coder thriving to provide a high standard of quality to web development!

A few questions and answers...

Most of my web development and programming skills come from experience directly, exercising tasks provided by a tutorial channel on youtube called TheNewBoston, sometimes a book came in handy when not at home also! Everytime I learned quite a bunch of new coding concepts I would put it to practice and build an entire website with all the new cool code I learned whilst trying to think up my own practical solutions to the problems I encountered along the way.

My crazy skills

OOP php
Css 3
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