GDPR compliance is the latest biggest game changer when it comes to handling personal data.

The importance of GDPR

The GDPR law came into effect 25th of May 2018 and and applies to businesses worldwide, if you get web users on your website that are from the EU, your website's should comply with GDPR regulation, not doing so could set you up for a hefty 10 Million euro fine!

GDPR responsibilities for businesses

As a business that has a website, there are a few things you should make sure that are put in place.

Unchecked checkboxes on all forms

All checkboxes for subscribing to a newsletter, accepting privacy policy or terms of use should be unchecked when the page is loaded.

Accept privacy policy checkbox

All forms where users enter their personal data should have a checkbox where there is a link to a privacy policy outlining how you process personal data.

Privacy Policy update

Your privacy policy should be updated so it reflects the new user rights such as data correction, deletion & extraction amongst other

Personal data deletion

You must set up automated processes that delete personal data when no longer needed, such as emails that might be saved in your database

Internal policies

When running a business, people that don't need access to certain personal data shouldn't be able to, GDPR contracts of who does should be set up

Double opt in

When users subscribe to a newsletter or similar, they should receive a second email with a verification link

If you think GDPR doesn't apply to you, think again!

GDPR effects everyone, from a person just starting their own business, all the way to big corporations such as Google & Facebook, there really are no exceptions! - Even if your website doesn't target EU users, they might still visit your website, unless you block them from accessing it, your website must comply with the GDPR regulations when it handles any kind of personal data.


When ordering a VNBenny CMS for your next web project, it comes with a free extension & built in functionality that aids in the GDPR compliance.

Data extraction, deletion & modification

Our GDPR extension has tabs for deletion, extraction or modification that easily allow you to put in a email of a user, and the system does the rest, the user gets an email with a unique link which will allow them to do the requested task.

Breach notification form

The extension come with a form, only allowed for administrators to interact with, which allows you to put in the information of the breach when a breach takes place on your CMS & gets sent to the correct authorities to deal with the situation.

Privacy policy & Terms screenshot

We have a tool that allows you to take a screenshot of your privacy policy, terms and conditions & cookie policy, and when a user submits data using a form on your website, the entire form's code together with the screenshot version will be saved on a single consent data collection in your admin panel.

GDPR security maintenance services

At VNBenny we have services that will aid with GDPR compliance, for example, we will test your website against all known hacking attacks and if a vulnerability is found, a solution for this vulnerability will be put in place, then each time the code changes of high risk pages such as login & registration pages will have be tested again.

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